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Genesys Release Notes

For more information concerning known issues in Genesys, or to report a new issue, refer to the Forum at:

Behavioral Filters

Algebraic (mathematically-based) filters that were used in version 2004.07 are now the primary behavioral filter model. Synthesized circuit filters models are available by appending an '_C' to the corresponding model names.

Calculate Now and Model Caching

Simulations will calculate without model caching if you double-click the simulation and click the Calculate Now button in the dialog. Right-clicking and picking Calculate Now or using the Run button (green triangle on the main toolbar) uses model caches if they exist. You can also turn off simulation caching in Tools > Options for the same effect (this will slow down tuning and optimization).

Compatibility with Previous Genesys Versions

Workspaces saved in Genesys 2010.05 are not backward compatible with Genesys 2004.07 or prior versions.  

Workspaces saved in Genesys 2010.05 that have newer features will behave as follows when loaded from an earlier version:



Opened in

Live Report

Momentum GX Analysis

Part Distribution


wsx will not load

wsx will not load

wsx will not load


wsx will not load

wsx will not load

wsx will not load



Analysis will not load

Parts with distribution types other than "None" will not load properly.



Analysis will not load

Parts with distribution types other than "None" will not load properly.






















Built-in functions in Genesys

Many of the built-in functions in Genesys are in the Eagleware Functions Equation library. You can embed them and view them in your workspace using the Library Selector or the Add Item / From Library... command

Equations parse as an entire block

If you mix input and output lines in an equation block, the output lines may not calculate (because the data is not yet valid) and as a result, the input variables will not exist. Always split your equation blocks into input blocks and output blocks.

Tuning Equations

You can not tune equations that are located locally in a design that is used as a sub-circuit, unless you disable Model Caching (not recommended). Tunable variables can be put into global equation blocks and will work fine.


Error on Recalculate

In some very rare cases graphs may not update correctly. To force an update, resize the graph or double-click the graph and click OK in the dialog.

Incomplete Level Diagrams

In some cases a level diagram may initially show only part of itself.   Zoom to page or zoom out to see the entire level diagram. If this does not yield the correct result, you may need to re-calculate the System Analysis.


To conform with the licensing models used by other Agilent products such as Advanced Design System (ADS), the older "Eagleware-style" licensing model has been discontinued. Licensing is now handled by what was previously referred to as ADS-style licensing. All Momentum licenses in the old Genessy product structure ( with part numbers W1609L, W1610L, W1426L, W1428L and W1438L) will need to be updated. Please contact your Agilent Genesys business support to request your updated license if you have not received it by end of July 2010.

Documentation for installing a license server can be found at:


As of the 2008.01 release, when using M/Filter to produce an Inverted Microstrip or Suspended Microstrip circuit, the stackup for Air Below is not setup correctly for use in an EM Analysis (Momentum GX or Empower).  You need to manually update the Layouts layers tab to set the Air Below height equal to Advance T Lines Substrate to Ground value.

The "Prepare Layout for Simulation" pull-down menu on the options page does not do anything. It is safe to ignore.


Genesys has been upgraded to support a 3D layout geometry viewer. The viewer is accessible from the Layout menu or from the Layout toolbar.

Momentum GX and GXF

A new version of Momentum (called Momentum GXF) is now offered with Genesys. Momentum GXF is a superset of Momentum GX and offers additional features such as an N-logN solver and multithreaded parallel solving capability which enable much faster simulations with lower memory consumption and the ability to simulate much larger structures.

Genesys now ships with an interactive 3D layout geometry viewer which can also be used to view animated surface currents and far-field data produced by a Momentum GX or GXF analysis. The viewer is accessible by right-clicking on a Momentum analysis and selecting 3D Visualization

New trapezoidal meshing algorithm in Momentum avoids thin slivery mesh to improve speed, convergennce and accuracy.

When drawing a layout and then subsequently launching a Momentum simulation, it is a best practice to review the Layout Properties Layers tab to ensure the correct substrate information is being used.

If you place a 1-port SGND part (such as a DC voltage source using the SGND symbol) then you must manually change the footprint to an appropriate 1-port footprint, such as "SIGNAL, COPLANAR, 50mil".

Net 0

Starting with Genesys 2007.03 we assume that net 0 (if you have one) is ground. This improves compatibility with Spice import substantially. When you load an existing workspace with a net 0 that is not connected to a ground (GND) you will get a dialog asking if we should rename the net.


There may be some cases where notes do not save updates (if you just reformat, for example). Type a space / backspace (typing but doing nothing) to tell Genesys the notes have been updated.


PLL and TLINE are not supported on 64 bit Windows or  Windows Vista (32 or 64). Until they are integrated into Genesys, PLL and TLINE will not support Win64 or Vista.  

When exiting in Windows Vista, these programs attempt to write files on exit. Ignore and press OK.

Ports and footprint

If you want to place a port without an associated EM port you can change the footprint to @*NOLAYOUT in the parts properties, and it will not place an EM port.


Annotation changes, such as text string changes are not currently undo-able on schematics.

SPECTRASYS Simulation Measurements

Spectrasys Phase Noise Use Model Change

The Spectrasys CW and Oscillator source models now have their phase noise enabled by default. However, the System Analysis now defaults the ‘Calculate Phase Noise’ to ‘Off’. The issue is that existing System Analysis defaults the ‘Calculate Phase Noise’ to ‘On’ so when an existing workspace is loaded the CW and Oscillator models will now generate phase noise where it didn’t use to. For these workspaces the ‘Calculate Phase Noise’ should simply be turned ‘Off’.

Amplifier Compression

The compression definition was changed in Spectrasys from OP1dB = IP1dB + G, to the standard more common in the industry which is OP1dB = IP1dB + ( Gain 1 ) in version 2008.01. As a result, the gain of a non linear device may change slightly based on drive levels.

OP1DB and IP1DB Measurements

Since these measurements were reformulated to improve accuracy in the 2008.01 release, error messages may be displayed when loading old workspaces until the workspace is recalculated.

Path Voltage Measurements

As of the 2008.01 release, any path voltage measurement will need to have the "Add Voltage Measurements" option checked for each path using them. When creating a new path or importing existing workspaces the default option is to only include power measurements.

Supported Operating Systems

Genesys 2010.05 supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista Business edition. For license hosting, Windows Server 2003 is still supported. Genesys will run in 32 bit compatibility mode on a 64 bit platform.

Title Block Library

Text blocks that begin with an = are treated as equations.

Tune Window

In some cases when first introducing a tune docking window, although there are tunable variables in the schematic, the tune window does may not initialize.  Select the refresh icon in the small tray of icons immediately above the tune window to remedy this.


The Verilog-A models work with all simulators, except for the Hisim model, which does not currently work with HARBEC.

Workspace Objects may disappear

There are a few rare cases where you can name two workspace objects with the same name. If you do so, you may find that one of the objects will disappear when you reload the workspace. This can be edited manually in the XML workspace file (the .wsx file) by finding the

XName="myname" UserName="myname"

fields of the offending objects and changing "myname" to something not duplicated. Load the workspace in Wordpad, search for "myname" (with the quotes) to find the entry, then edit the two myname fields. Always copy the file before attempting to manually edit it.

Known Licensing Issues

Genesys fails to launch with ads_rf_architect feature.
Workaround : Select an ADS bundle containing the sim_linear feature and then launch Genesys.