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R_Model:Resistor Model

The SPICE R and Spectre resistor models are translated to the ADS R_Model. For translation information on the resistor device, refer to the Rxxxxxxx for SPICE and the Resistor Device for Spectre.

For more information on the ADS model, place the model in a schematic and choose Edit > Component > Edit Component Parameters to view the model parameters. You can also click Help in the component editor dialog box for additional information.

Example SPICE Command Line:

.model Rmodel1 r RSH=0.0

Example Spectre Command Line:

model resmod resistor rsh=150 l=2u w=2u etch=0.05u tc1=0.1 tnom=27 kf=1

SPICE and Spectre Dialect and Netlist Syntax:
Spice2/3: .model mname r [param= value]*
PSpice: .model mname res [param= value]*
HSpice: .model mname r [param= value]*
Spectre: model mname resistor [param= value]*

ADS Netlist Syntax:
model mname R_Model [param= value]*

ADS Schematic Symbol:

Model Parameters:

For information on parameter format, refer to Using Parameter Mapping Tables to Understand a Translation.

ADS Default Unit Spice2/3 PSpice HSpice Spectre
R 0 ohms - x x r infinity ohms
Rsh 0.0 ohms/sq x - x rsh infinity ohms/sq
Length 0.0 m - - x l infinity m
Width 0.0 m DEFW=1e-6 - x w 1e-6 m
Narrow 0.0 m x - - -
Tnom 25 °C 27 °C 27 °C x tnom set by options °C
TC1 0.0 1/°C x (0°C-1) x tc1 0.0 1/°C
TC2 0.0 1/°C2 x (0°C-1) x tc2 0.0 1/°C2
wPmax infinite W - - - -
wImax infinite A - - - -
Trise 0.0 °C - - - trise 0.0°C
Scale 1.0   - - - scaler 1.0
Dw 0.0 m - - x etch 0.0 m
Dl 0.0 m - - x etchl 0.0 m
Kf 0.0   - - - kf 0.0
Af 2.0   - - - af 2.0
Wdexp 0.0   - - - wdexp 1.0
Ldexp 0.0   - - - ldexp 1.0
Weexp 0.0   - - - weexp 0.0
Leexp 0.0   - - - leexp 0.0
Fexp 1.0   - - - fexp 1.0
Coeffs list(0,0,...) 1/V, 1/V2, ... - - - coeffs [0 0 ...]

SPICE Comments:

When the referenced model is not present in the netlist, the netlist translator fails to recognize the resistor model in the following syntax:
r1 1 2 rmodel
The translator assumes that it is a variable name for the resistor value. To correct your imported schematic, manually move the model name to the parameter Model. To correct the ADS Netlist, use the following netlist syntax:

rmodel:r1 1 2 \[param=value\]\*

To prevent the problem, ensure that the netlist translator has access to a model statement so it can verify that "rmodel" is a model. This can be a dummy statement without parameters such as the following:

.model rmodel R

or a .INC reference to an include file with the model available.